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Episcopal Visit — August 17, 18, 19

We are pleased to announce that our Archbishop William Downey will be here for a visit August 17, 18, and 19.  Please come to Mass the 19th and meet and greet Archbishop Downey.

In conjunction with the Archbishop's visit, Our Lady Queen of Angels will be providing the opportunity to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. For those wishing to receive Confirmation, please contact the rector as soon as possible.

ALSO, the Archbishop will be conducting the Altar Server training on Saturday, August 18. For anyone who has ever thought about Serving, this would be a great time and opportunity to get started. There are no restrictions as to age or gender for serving at the altar. Potential Servers should have received First Communion. We do strongly suggest that attendance at Mass is very regular.

Other Activities

Saturday, 8/11, 9:00 AM       Church Cleaning

Parish Outing to Isotopes Ballgame

Our Lady Queen of Angels is trying to get a group of people together to attend an Isotopes baseball game.  We've done this in the past, and it is great fun! We still need 16 more people to get the great price of $ 12.50. If you are interested, please call Mary or Nancy Leslie (505-515-8091). Please respond ASAP - baseball season is passing quickly.

Altar Flowers

We like to have fresh flowers for Sunday Mass.  To volunteer to bring fresh flowers for Mass, please sign up on the sign up sheet in the Church Hall.

Altar Servers

We need Altar Servers.  If you are interested in serving the Church during Mass, please contact Mary Donovan.


We would like to offer the opportunity for people to get certified in CPR.  The class would be at the Church, but is entirely dependent on the number of interested people.  Please speak with Anthony Monteith for more information.

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