Prayer Project

Order of Our Lady Prayer Project

by Mary Donovan

Excerpted with permission from the Advent 2011 issue of Ubique:
“The Order of Our Lady in New Mexico”

When I circulated a prayer request to the people who had attended the 2011 LCC Triennial for those people afflicted with cancer in Our Lady Queen of Angels congregation, Bp. Downey suggested that the Order of Our Lady take this on as a Prayer Project

In his usual way, the bishop threw the words out without guidance as to how to implement the idea. I opened the idea to the members of the Order of Our Lady and the attendees of the Ladies Dessert Night meetings.

During the November Dessert Night meeting, there was much discussion of two types of prayer to be said at two different times of day.

At a specific time agreed on by all, a single line prayer would be said. This would be something along the lines of “Our Blessed Mother, and your Son, Our Lord Jesus, we [ask — want — pray — beseech you] for the health and well-being for N., N., ...... .” The power of this prayer is the commonality of the prayer and the timing (meaning that several people are praying for the same thing at the same time.) Since we did not decide on a specific time during the dessert get-together, I was arbitrary in making the prayer time Noon. I thought this was a time that all could remember easily. Even if you miss it by minutes, or hours, others probably have also. Life interferes with good intentions: trying and missing is better than not trying.

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Some time during the day, a decade of ten Joyous Mysteries of Mary from the Crown Rosary would be said. The individual determines the time of prayer and how their schedule works. This prayer involves more of the individual’s time, thought and motivation to be present with the intention and the act of prayer

When praying the Crown Rosary over the course of a week, one decade is said each day. The first day starts with the Sign of the Cross, the Act of Faith, an Our Father, three Hail Mary’s, a Glory Be and the First Mystery Reading and Prayer, an Our Father, ten Hail Mary’s and a Glory Be. The second day includes the Second Mystery Reading and Prayer, an Our Father, ten Hail Mary’s, and a Glory Be. The rest of the Mysteries are said on the consecutive days until the seventh day, when the Seventh decade of Hail Mary’s and Glory Be are followed by the Salve Regina and the Oh God as well two final Hail Mary’s and the Sign of the Cross.

We are using the Mystery Readings and Prayers of the Joyous Mysteries of Mary from the Crown Rosary, as found in the Service to Our Lady. These are similar to the Mystery readings and Prayers used by the Rosary Society that meets on Saturday mornings at Our Lady Queen of Angels. These readings and prayers are shorter so they are more easily facilitated in a busy day.

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