All are Welcome!

The Liberal Catholic Church offers open communion. 

Everyone whether single, married, unmarried with children, divorced or divorced and re-married is welcome to receive Holy Communion as long as they approach Christ’s altar with reverence and respect.

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Prayer Project

Started by the Order of Our Lady and the ladies of OLQA after the 2011 Triennial Clerical Synod with the support of the US Regionary Brishop, the Prayer Project prays for the friends, family and other loved-ones “in trouble, sorrow, need, sickness, or any other adversity.” (Liturgy of the LCC)

Learn more about the Prayer Project.

About The Liberal Catholic Church

The Liberal Catholic Church is an independent Catholic Church. Our heritage comes from the Old Catholic Church, which separated from Rome in 1870, when Pope Pius IX declared that he was infallible on matters of faith and morals. In 1916, the Old Catholic Church in Great Britain changed its name to the Liberal Catholic Church. We have strictly maintained the Apostolic Succession since our original affiliation with Rome, to ensure that our Holy Orders and Sacraments remain valid.

Open communion is offered to all who approach Christ’s altar with reverence and respect. More…

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Maundy Thursday Seder

We would like to announce that Our Lady Queen Of Angels Church will be hosting our annual Seder once again.

It will take place at the Church on Thursday, April 13th at 6:00 pm.

We invite all to attend.  There will be a small charge of $ 5.00 for adults and non-Sunday School children.  This will help us defray the cost. 

Payment will be on the Honor System.  Please be prepared to pay at the door with the correct change.

The menu will consist of  beef, lamb, potatoes, a variety of vegetables, and a dessert.

For reservations, please call Rick Morgan at 505-891-8303 anytime. If no answer, please leave a message with the number of people attending, your name, and a return number if you have any questions.

We must have all reservations by Sunday, April 9th so that we may purchase/prepare the correct amounts of food.

Although we already have some volunteers preparing food, we still need some additional help with vegetable dishes. Please call Mary at 505-554-4425 for info and if you can help us out.

Please join us for a great dinner and learn more about a Seder.

A Jewish Seder is a religious ceremonial meal which celebrates the liberation of the Hebrews from servitude in Egypt. The word "seder" means "order" in Hebrew, referring to the 15 parts of the Seder ritual which are observed in a specific sequence during the ceremony and centers around the Passover Seder meal.

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